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What You Need To Know About CBD And Other Medication

Cannabidiol may interact with other drugs and cause a dangerous reaction. CBD may indirectly increase the strength of other pharmaceuticals. CBD may inhibit other particles from working effectively in the body. Read on to know how CBD interacts with other medication.

Cytochrome P450 being a liver enzyme is important for the body. It helps metabolize drugs that you consume. It breaks down substances found in the body for easy absorption. Majority of medications are usually complicated. Cytochrome P450 has the ability to breakdown more than 60% of prescribed medications.

Consuming large doses of CBD can make the P450 enzymes found in the body to be temporarily inactive. It makes the body struggle to process every drug. Consumption of excess CBD leads to an increase in the effects of prescription drugs.

It is vital you talk to your physician before you start or stop any medication. This is to reduce the amount of strong prescription medication you will take. It is advisable to take less artificial drugs in your body regardless of what you take.

According to medical journals there have been no link of cannabidiol causing dangerous interactions with other drugs. Research has proved that CBD is beneficial to most people. The side effects are very few. CBD has been found to be safe for consumption. However, if not well understood, it can be dangerous. Inhibition of P450 enzyme is the most common risk. Doctors help in determining the most appropriate medication dosage. They calculate the time it takes for the body to process medication. The system is healthy if it processes one drug. However, pre-existing conditions or liver problems may inhibit proper metabolism.

There are drugs that may interact with cannabidiol such as steroids, immune modulators, alcohol, antihistamines, alcohol, antibiotics, antipsychotics and others.

CBD as well as other plant cannabinoids can increase blood thinning drugs effects. It does so by prolonging the presence of the drug inside the body. It slows down the body’s metabolism of these drugs. The effects of cannabis and alcohol are not well known.

Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD can interact with the neurotransmitter receptors inducing sedative effects to a user. Sedative effects of THC include lethargy and drowsiness. However CBD causes a wake-inducing and calming effect. Combining sedatives together with cannabinoids can result in an addictive effect. It can increase effects of taking certain medications.

CBD has been used previously to treat epileptic seizures. CBD can cause problems when taken with anti-seizure medication. Low dosage of CBD will not deliver the anti-epileptic benefits. However, it can still inhibit the cytochrome P450 enzymes resulting in more aggressive seizures. It is vital you consult a medical professional to determine the right dosage of CBD to alleviate epileptic seizures effectively.

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